Who We Are

KAFS is a financial services business, staffed by a dedicated, competent and motivated team who provide financial advice and personalised investment outcomes. We have no vested interest other than to see that our clients benefit from getting the best possible outcomes from our advice.

We hold our own Australian Financial Service Licence which gives us complete control over the products we recommend and we will continually work towards providing you with appropriate advice, which is in your best interests.

Why We're Different

We are a highly professional, client centric, advice driven business.

At KAFS we:

  • Provide an ongoing management model which enables you to engage in other more enjoyable life activities but still remain in control
  • Liaise with, and coordinate, your other professional advisers (e.g. tax, legal, bank), as required
  • We remove the administration burden from you so that you can relax with the confidence that things are being taken care of.
  • Maintain a full record of all unit price and shares price movements for easy reference and tax planning.
  • Provide advice solutions for our clients on single issues like superannuation or on multiple concerns such as superannuation, debt, insurance, cash flow planning, estate planning etc.

What We Do

We work closely with you to achieve the most appropriate outcomes for you, from any given situation.

  • Financial Planning strategy is at the heart of our offer. We only ever act with your knowledge and agreement.
  • We will meet with you regularly so that you understand and stay the course we have set together
  • Our fees are made perfectly clear so you know what you are paying, at all times.