Our Process

What to Expect

Before being able to advise you professionally, we need to know and understand you.
There are a number of steps involved in fully understanding you and establishing our working relationship.

These steps include:

Initial Meeting

In this meeting we need to establish:

  • Where you are
  • Where you want to be; and
  • How you would like to get there.

To help us establish the starting point more easily, we find it helps save our clients time if they complete as much of our client information questionnaire as possible, and provide it to us before coming to the first interview.

Click here to contact us for access to our client questionnaire.

Internal Process

Following our initial meeting, we follow a rigorous internal process to capitalise on the skills and expertise of the entire KAFS team. Whilst formulating our strategy, we may also canvass opinions from your other professional advisers to help clarify our thinking around your total situation. Collectively, we will consider your position and debate the right structures for you, looking at them from every possible angle. This disciplined method of decision making leverages the diverse range of skills within our business and provides for a well-considered approach.

After our internal strategy discussions we will contact you to advise you of our initial thoughts and emerging strategy. If you are comfortable with our summary and wish to formally engage us, we will send you a client engagement letter outlining our services and our proposed cost structure.

Once you have considered our fees and executed our agreement, we will build your personal financial roadmap.

Secondary Meeting

A second meeting date will be agreed where your overall strategy will be explained in full.

At this point you are:

  • Educated about what to expect and why. This is particularly the case regarding investment markets, which may rise and fall in a business cycle.
  • Encouraged to ask questions or to seek clarification on any point.
  • Provided with a Statement of Advice which considers your objectives and risk profile, before committing to proceed.

Subsequent meetings

A third meeting may be required to complete any paperwork to implement the strategy effectively.

Once your program has been established, our team will continue to work with you and your other advisers as needed, to ensure that your requirements are fully met or to answer any additional queries which may have come to mind.